Enjoy like a child, sin like an adult

Man does not live by bread alone and for that reason, we have a wide variety of quality gourmet products with a unique flavor, so that you can accompany it with whatever you want.

Our gourmet selection

All the products that are in our online catalog and physical store, have
passed through our plate, which is a guarantee of success at the table.

Let your palate enjoy, without remorse, with any of our products.

personalized for home delivery

Any lover of good food will be happy to discover any of our baskets, which you can also customize to make them totally unique and special.

It is the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas or just because, because there is no need to look for excuses to show our affection with an exquisite gift.

Gourmet product store in Valencia

Food is one of life’s great pleasures and we don’t hide when we say so.

We are committed to gourmet products, handmade with local products. . That’s why many of our products are very difficult to find in other stores, which makes them perfect for:

Tireless gourmet seekers
Gift to lovers of good gastronomy.
Hunters of the most traditional and authentic flavors.

Me encanta la tienda, y los productos, en especial unas galletas saldas que siempre compro de ahí. Muy contenta de haber encontrado esta tienda , recomiendo sus producto
Una tienda muy especial con gran diversidad de productos. Mucha variedad de vinos . Los panetones buenísimos. Recomendable 100%
Tienda gourmet en el corazón de Rusafa! Productos artesanos y bodega de alta calidad. Fue un gran descubrimiento para los momentos en los que uno se quiere dar un capricho o sorprender a los suyos.
Such a good place for quality products! I'm a frequent customer and I love how they treat me every time I go. 100% recommended!!